Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mushroom Houses

This little mushroom house resides in a venue called "Fern Gully" which looks just like the kind of place I want to create. In my retirement years my plan is to settle in on some land and make a fantasy land with an artist community and places for people to play and stay for the weekend. I want to build tons of these little mushroom houses all over the property.

Here is some other inspirational little huts. I love doors and windows and my model would have this for sure. For the inside it would be similar to a yurt so you could have beds a little fireplace and a place for cooking.

This little hut was found in Argentina. Found here.

Mushroom found as a bus stop. Maybe I should just fill the land with mushrooms? They would be a good shelter for small tables for picnics. Maybe for the fields where there isn't any trees these structures could cover the tables. Found here.

So why can't I find more of these? Would it be difficult to build? Why don't people build them? Maybe it's cost? Maybe they are just not photographed and recorded. It's a mystery to me. I definitely want to make one when I have the land to put it in. I figure you can make mud huts and it's similar to that construction. All it takes is a little imagination and paint and it turns into a mushroom hut.

If anyone has any to share please post a link. I'm curious what goes into building a structure like this.

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